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Domain III Competency 008

The teacher provides appropriate instruction that actively engages students in the learning process.


This competency seems to be a difficult one to achieve. It seems that most teachers fall into that lecture and test mode which is one of the most boring ways to teach, in my opinion. I want to engage my students with discussion questions that do not have one set answer in the hope that they will have to work to find their correct answer and have a reason why that is their answer.

It is my hope that I will come up with projects and activities that the students will enjoy doing. Projects have always seemed to teach me more than just listening to the teacher prattle on about the subject. Plus, projects are more challenging and even though we hear more grumbling, students almost always get something out of it. Also, when a student finishes a project, there is a feeling of pride at having done it well that no one can take away from them.

My goal for my students is that they will like coming to my class and they will be motivated to work hard. I want them to walk away from my class thinking that they have learned something that will be useful to them for the rest of their lives.


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